Senior frontend developer - trying to be a javascript ninja

About Me

I'm a quite experienced javascript programer with a past as team leader.

In my current job I mainly work as a frontend developer, but I've worked also as backender (using javascript platforms).

Recently I'm interested in isomorphic javascript and I'm really exited about Reactjs framework and the Flux approach.

I also love to create web ui, fallowing progressive enhancement strategy and using the Javascript unobstrusive approach. Cross browser Approach was a must in my past work (I did websites who can be viewed from the Blackbarry 8310 as from the Iphone).

I spent my last 5 years mainly developing with javascript, but in my "past live" I did some experience with Java and Python.


Senior Front End Developer at Workdigital - November 2014, Present

I was Hired as Senior Frontend developer at Workdigital, a fast growing start up based in London.

Software Developer as Freelencer - Jan 2014, October 2014

I've builded a geolocated chat called as javascript full-stack developer using NodeJS, and AngularJS

Team Leader at Usablenet - May 2012, October 2014

As a team leader I've worked to balance the workload of a team of developers using. Despite this, every day I've carry out the normal duties of a coder, developing web interfaces for mobile devices using javascript, css, XHTML, HTML5 and XTML, paying particular attention to the browser interoperability. I've Developed also REST API using proprietary tools.

Web Developer at Usablenet- August 2010, May 2012

As mobile web developer I've deployed mobile websites for big brand such Aetna and Carmax using a propetary platform based on XSLT and Javascript.

Software Engineer at Digitalapes - July 2007, November 2009

I co-founded Digitalapes, a startup company dedicated to the development of a mobile geo-localized community for smart-phone users. My main responsibilities were the design and the development of web sites using GTW framework, executing smoke tests and write cross-compiling for GCC compiler guides.

Python Programmer as Contractor at University of Udine - 2006 – August 2006

For my bachelord thesis I've helped to deploy an e-governament portal developed by the University of Udine for some little town on Friuli Venezia Giulia. After this, I've worked a little bit as contractor in order to fix bugs and fulfill change requests in the post sale phase.

technologies involved in this project were Plone and Zope

My Projects
Geolocated Chat writed with nodejs + Angularjs + It works only on Udine
ImageLoader writed with commonjs+jquery+Promise
Win Mover Standalone
A Little utility to enable windows moving keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS.

Project I've partecipate:

itmediaonline web site
Statravel Mobile Booking
Statravel Mobile Booking
Cadoo was a game we did in 48h for the Nordic Game Jam 2014

Contact Me

jurgo.boemo at
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